NARI - July Education Dinner Meeting Announced

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

What's your "X" Factor? How do you distinguish yourself from your competition when you meet with potential clients? Join NARI July 20th as Tim Nagle, Owner of Remodel Buddy, discusses how to create the ultimate marketing system. You'll gain a more in-depth understanding of what marketing truly is and how to develop a system for your success through the Art of Differentiation! You'll discover how to identify the important point of difference--one that matters to your ideal clients and how to promote it.

Concurrent Sessions will include:
- New Local Building Codes for Montgomery County: Are you current on the Changes?
George Muste, Manager of Montgomery County Residential Review,
Steve Thomas, Manager of Montgomery County Residetnial Ispections

- The Sale Beneath the Sale: From Kids in the Candy Store to Signed Construction Agreements
Jeff Nay, President, Sandler Training

Early Registration Ends July 15th.
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